About GPF

Global Policy Forum (GPF) is an independent policy watchdog that monitors activities of and at the United Nations. It scrutinizes global policymaking and promote accountability and citizen participation in decisions related to social justice, sustainability, peace and security, human rights and international law.

GPF gathers information and circulates it through publications, newsletters, presentations, the internet, and social media. It plays an active role in civil society networks and other advocacy arenas. GPF organizes meetings and conferences; it publishes original research in reports and policy papers and participates in policy dialogues and expert group meetings addressing multilateral issues.

Basic facts

GPF was founded in New York in December 1993 by a group of progressive scholars and activists. GPF is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, with consultative status at the UN. In September 2004, Global Policy Forum Europe (GPF Europe) was founded as the sister-organization of GPF. GPF Europe is registered as a not-for-profit organization in Germany. GPF maintains an office at UN headquarters in New York. GPF Europe’s office is based in Bonn, Germany.


GPF uses a holistic approach, linking social with economic, financial, and environmental issues, peace and security, human rights and gender equity. We put our energy into well-focused programs in which GPF has a special analytical and organizational edge. The programs of GPF and GPF Europe currently cover concepts of sustainable development, financing for development and tax justice, corporate accountability and the influence and power of transnational corporations, UN reform and global governance.

Research and publications

GPF does original research in its areas of special concern and publishes the results in reports, working papers, briefings and articles. Over the years, GPF’s publications have covered many topics, including: sustainable development concepts and goals, development policy, the global financial crisis, tax justice, UN finance, corporate accountability and influence, UN reform, sanctions, the Iraq war, and the role of private military & security companies. Most GPF reports have been published in English and/or German, and occasionally in French, Spanish and Arabic. All GPF's publications can be accessed here.

Conferences, meetings and events

GPF and GPF Europe organize a number of public events each year, including workshops, conferences, lectures, and dialogue sessions. These events are opportunities for advocacy and education, but they are also occasions for mutual learning, reflection and deeper understanding of global issues. Previous events have covered topics including the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, international tax cooperation, corporate accountability, transparency in the extractive industry, Security Council reform, sanctions, UN finance, and women’s human rights.


GPF and GPF Europe play an active role in international civil society networks and coalitions, particularly Social Watch, the Reflection Group on the 2030-Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Global Alliance for Tax Justice, and the Treaty Movement. GPF cooperates with numerous civil society organizations, networks and foundations.

Board, staff and finances

The operations of GPF are governed by a Board in New York, the operations of GPF Europe by a separate Board in Bonn. The programs are closely linked and implemented by the offices in Bonn and New York, and a network of research fellows and policy advisors, based in different parts of the world. GPF and GPF Europe receive most of their annual funding from foundations, partner organizations, membership fees and individual donations.