2030 Agenda and SDGs

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In September 2015, the governments of the United Nations unanimously adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This agenda, which – inter alia – includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals, outlines a path towards greater sustainability - globally as well as nationally. It is universal in its applicability, addressing both the Global North and South, multidimensional in its approach of sustainability – containing provisions for social, economic, environmental, and political sustainability –, and includes means of implementation and an oversight mechanism.

In this section, we post information, analyses, documents, and background material related to the 2030-Agenda and its implementation, highlighting especially the role, the rich and powerful (countries) have to play in this regard. This is complemented by our collaboration with Social Watch in the Global Policy Watch project as well as the work of the Reflection Group on the 2030-Agenda for Sustainable Development, including the annual report Spotlight on Sustainable Development.

For a specific view on the 2030-Agenda and its implementation through and in Germany, please visit 2030agenda.de.